SF Mods

SF Mods for Life is Feudal

  • Auto Action Clicker
  • Auto Material Gather
  • Auto Hit/Heal
  • Auto Archer Fire
  • Zoom Toggle
  • Shield Bash Toggle
  • Do the War Dance
  • Snake Bite Detection (flashes Health Bar)
  • /stuck Command Hotkey
  • /sfxinit Command Hotkey (fixes stuck sounds)

SF Mods [v1.2] – 2018-02-17


I’ve been developing this Mod in my spare time. If you find it useful, I’d appreciate a little donation. It will help motivate me to continue working on it. Thank you!




Using this mod violates the EULA for Life is Fedual MMO. I am not responsible if you get banned.



[v1.2] – 2018-02-17

  • Added Auto Archer Fire
  • Added ability to gather Plant Fiber, Flint Stone, and Sling Ammo in MMO
  • Renamed Herb tab to Gather (due to above)
  • Fixed Herbs not being detected in MMO
  • Fixed Gather not turning 90 degrees accurately (needed more Pi decimal points, yum)

[v1.1] – 2017-12-19

  • Re-designed window with tabs to be more compact
  • Added Hotkeys window
  • Added /sfxinit command hotkey (fixed stuck sounds)
  • Added Auto War Dance (NumPad7)
  • Added Toggle Shield Bash (NumPad9)
  • Clicker interval textbox now focuses on window open
  • All textboxes now unfocus on Save
  • Changed /stuck command hotkey to Ctrl + U
  • Fixed clicker doing action if Mix window open
  • Set 100ms minimum to all intervals

[v1.0.2] – 2017-12-12

  • Fixed Craft herb button not clicking in MMO

[v1.0.1] – 2017-12-11

  • Clicker now clicks Craft herb button
  • Moved keybindings to bind.cs file
  • Changed SF Mods Window toggle to Ctrl + C

[v1.0] – 2017-12-05

  • Inital release