SF Mods – Life is Feudal

A collection of tools to make your life in Life is Feudal, a little less feudal.

SF Mods [v1.6] – 2018-06-05



Auto Clicker (Num1)
Automatically performs action clicks in-game

  • Clicks ‘Action’ buttons (e.g. Flatten Ground, Gather Plant Fiber, etc.)
  • Clicks ‘Craft’ buttons in craft windows (e.g. Tool Making, Alchemy, etc.)
  • Clicks ‘Top Row’ of listed windows and clicks button (e.g. Taming, Using Tanning Tubs, etc.)
  • Clicks ‘Mass Produce’ button when shown

Auto Gather (Num2)
Automatically detect and gather materials by rotating your character on the spot

Auto Heal (Num3)
Automatically hit then heal another player (useful for gaining your Healing skills)

Auto Archer (Num4)
Automatically hold and fire arrows (useful for gaining your Archer skills)

Auto Split
Automatically splits a stack of items based on a defined amount

Auto Antidote
Automatically triggers ‘Hotbar 0’ (zero) if poison is detected (and cures poison if an antidote is placed in the hotbar)

Shield Bash Toggle (Num9)
Toggle shield blocking on/off without the need to right-click down

Poison Indicator
Flashes the Health Bar if poison is detected (YO only)

Auto Click Produce
Automatically clicks ‘Produce’ or ‘Mass Produce’ button when shown

Zoom Toggle (Q)
Sets the amount of zoom based on Field of View

Cam Zoom (Scroll)
Zooms the players camera in & out using mouse scroll

Set Player FoV
Set the player Field of View (MMO limited between 60 and 120)

Brightness Slider
Sets the amount of in-game brightness

Toggle Grass & Fog
Disable grass and fog for better visibility

Show Item Quality, Durability and Type
Displays the quality, durability and type of items within inventories

Info Bar
Displays the current FPS, Ping, Player Heading and Player Position

Web (F5)
Set a URL address (like a live map) and press F5 to open it in-game

List Selector (Ctrl + X)
Automatically chooses an item on a list and auto selects it

/STUCK hotkey (Ctrl + U)
Unsticks your character if stuck in place using the /STUCK command

SFXINIT hotkey (Alt + S)
Fixes stuck sounds using the sfxinit(); function

Disables Observation & Event Message windows
You really need them?

Installation – YO

  1. Navigate to the ‘Life is Feudal Your Own’ game folder
  2. Create a ‘mod’ folder
  3. Place the ‘sf-mods’ folder within the ‘mod’ folder
  4. Open the ‘scripts/client/init.cs’ file and place the following line after ‘schedule(256, Canvas, dumpSysInfo, “initClient”)’ (around line 199):


  • Press ‘Ctrl + C’ in-game to open

Installation – MMO

  1. Navigate to the ‘Life is Feudal MMO’ game folder
  2. Create a ‘mod’ folder in ‘game/eu’ (or ‘us’ if playing on US servers)
  3. Place the ‘sf-mods’ folder within the ‘mod’ folder
  4. Open the ‘/game/eu/scripts/client/init.cs’ file and place the following line after ‘onInitClientDone();’ (around line 195):


NOTE: If the MMO updates, the init.cs file may be overwritten. If this happens, you’ll need to re-add the line.

  • Press ‘Ctrl + C’ in-game to open


I’ve been developing this in my spare time. If you find it useful, it would be awesome if you chuck a cheeky wee pint my way. Cheers!


Using this mod violates the EULA for Life is Fedual MMO. I am not responsible if you get banned.