SF Mods – Life is Feudal

A collection of tools to make your life in Life is Feudal, a little less feudal.

SF Mods [v1.4] – 2018-04-24



  • Auto Clicker
    • Automatically performs action clicks in-game
    • Clicks ‘Action’ buttons (e.g. Flatten Ground, Gather Plant Fiber, etc.)
    • Clicks ‘Craft’ buttons in craft windows (e.g. Tool Making, Alchemy, etc.)
    • Clicks ‘Top Row’ of listed windows and clicks button (e.g. Taming, Using Tanning Tubs, etc.)
    • Clicks ‘Mass Produce’ button when shown
  • Auto Gather
    • Automatically detect and gather materials by rotating your character on the spot
  • Auto Heal
    • Automatically hit then heal another player (useful for gaining your Healing skills)
  • Auto Archer
    • Automatically hold and fire arrows (useful for gaining your Archer skills)
  • Auto Split
    • Automatically splits a stack of items based on a defined amount
  • Auto Antidote
    • Automatically triggers ‘Hotbar 0’ (zero) if poison is detected (and cures poison if an antidote is placed in the hotbar)
  • Poison Indicator
    • Flashes the Health Bar if poison is detected (YO only)
  • Auto Click Produce
    • Automatically clicks ‘Produce’ or ‘Mass Produce’ button when shown
  • Zoom Toggle
    • Ability to zoom in and out using the ‘Q’ key
  • Set Player FoV
    • Set the player Field of View (MMO limited between 60 and 120)
  • Toggle Grass & Fog
    • Disable grass and fog for better visibility
  • Clock
    • Displays the time of the day based on the position of the sun
  • Show Item Quality
    • Displays the quality of an item within inventories
  • Shield Bash Toggle
    • Toggle shield blocking on/off without the need to right-click down
  • /STUCK hotkey
    • Unsticks your character if stuck in place using the /STUCK command
  • /SFXINIT hotkey
    • Disables stuck looping sounds using the /SFXINIT command
  • Kill observation window
    • Disables Observation window from appearing when pressing ‘F3’

Installation – YO

  1. Navigate to the ‘Life is Feudal Your Own’ game folder
  2. Create a ‘mod’ folder
  3. Place the ‘sf-mods’ folder within the ‘mod’ folder
  4. Open the ‘scripts/client/init.cs’ file and place the following line after ‘schedule(256, Canvas, dumpSysInfo, “initClient”)’ (around line 199):


  • Press ‘Ctrl + C’ in-game to open

Installation – MMO

  1. Navigate to the ‘Life is Feudal MMO’ game folder
  2. Create a ‘mod’ folder in ‘game/eu’ (or ‘us’ if playing on US servers)
  3. Place the ‘sf-mods’ folder within the ‘mod’ folder
  4. Open the ‘/game/eu/scripts/client/init.cs’ file and place the following line after ‘onInitClientDone();’ (around line 195):


NOTE: If the MMO updates, the init.cs file may be overwritten. If this happens, you’ll need to re-add the line.

  • Press ‘Ctrl + C’ in-game to open


I’ve been developing this in my spare time. If you find it useful, it would be awesome if you chuck a cheeky wee pint my way. Cheers!


Using this mod violates the EULA for Life is Fedual MMO. I am not responsible if you get banned.