DZC SA v1.4 Update

  • Measuring Tool added to map (get distance and ETA between two points!)
  • Grid Lines added to map
  • Native Further Zoom added to map
  • Loot layer information added to map [PRO version]
  • Characters guide added
  • The rest of Clothing added to database
  • Added missing Game Control keys
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
  • Database updated (Menu > Changes)

This has been a highly requested feature for a while, so I’ve been working hard getting it implemented and tweaked just right.


Introducing, a Measuring Tool for the map! This allows you to select two points on the map, and it will give you an exact distance, in meters, and an Estimated Time of Arrival for both running and sprinting. I must thank Carl Normann for calculating the speeds and testing out in-game. Cheers chap :)

For implementing this, I had to update the map library to the latest stable. With this can come with hidden problems, so if anyone has any issues, please contact me. However, it should also give a little better performance too. See how it goes.


DZC SA v1.2 Update

  • Weapon loot locations added (Pro; more types soon!)
  • Deer Stand locations added (Pro)
  • Ammunition and Attachments added to side-by-side comparison (Pro)
  • Attachments organised into categories
  • Game Controls added to Guides (thanks Alex!)
  • Broken Bones added to Status Effects
  • The Moon added to Navigation
  • Disabled the Server List for now (better source needed)
  • Some bug fixes
  • Database updated (Menu > Changelogs)

Loot locations. Yay. So basically, as everyone should know, the loot system is drastically different from ye ol’ DayZ Mod. Coming from alayton from DayZDB (he is undoubtedly a genius at what he does) loot types are now categorised into Clothes, Equipment, Medical, Supplies, and Weapons now, instead of the old Residential, Military kinda stuff.

Only the Weapons loot is added for now, still got to add the rest, which does take time. I’m really not smart enough to parse the DayZ client files and add markers to the map automatically, so I painstakingly add them one by one. Eek.

Loot tables.. Now this is very tricky. With the way DayZDB works, you can click on an individual loot marker and it will give you information on the type of loot that spawns there, and loot various depending on the types of buildings. Unfortunately with DZC, having each marker click able is simply not feasible due to various screen sizes of Android devices, especially smaller types. So I got to work out a way of showing each table for each building for each loot type easily. Tricky! See how it goes eh.

Oh, I also had to disable the Server List in the mean time. Reason being is it wasn’t listing any DayZ Standalone servers, only DayZ Mod and ArmA ones. I need to find a better source that lists DayZ SA servers, but I’m at a loss right now. I’ll keep looking!

So for next update, add the rest of the loot locations!

DZC SA v1.1 Update

Dammit, why do I always forget to update this blog? Well as you probably know, DayZ Central SA is released! Like over a week ago… Anywho…

  • Fuel Tanks, Hospitals, Supermarkets and Water Pumps added to map (Pro)
  • Clothing section added (let me know what I’ve missed!)
  • Changed Blood guide to ‘Blood / Medical’ and added medical How To goodies
  • Performance Tweaking (FPS) and Navigation guides added
  • Crafting guide updated
  • DayZ changelog link added to Links
  • Mass database update (Menu > Changelogs)

So I’ve started added building locations for Chernarus Plus. Still got deer stands to go, then the rest of the loot, but all will come in time.

Clothing section has been added, completing all the sections for the database. Now its just a case of tweaking, correcting, and added stats/info as they are amended on DayZ Wiki and DayZ Wikia, both of which has been invaluable so far! I was waiting on DayZDB for their database, but I imagine the reason they are taking their time is they want to get it right first time.

Few more guides added. My to do list for new lists is ever growing, so thanks for the constant suggestions! Best I can do is source them from around the web though, as my writing skills is rather baboon like. So again, all will come in time!

DayZ Standalone released!

As you probably now, the time as finally come.

So what’s the state of the standalone app? It’s sitting here, ready to be abused.

The ol’ trick here now is to wait for enough information to be released to start filling out the database. No doubt you guys know I heavily rely on DayZDB for this, so many thanks in advance for their efforts. I really couldn’t keep this app going without them!

Once enough information is added to the database, and a basic map render of Chernarus+ is baked, the first version will be released. After this, we will start working on adding more content such as guides and whatnot. It took over a year to get to the amount of content for the DayZ Central mod app, now I need to start from scratch again!

So please be patient, the app will be released!

DZC v2.29 Update

  • Origins loot, vehicles and buildings for v1.7.7 (in Pro; map render with new island missing until I can find an updated one!)
  • Origins guides now uses official Origins wiki (online only; sorry for this!)
  • Added 16 weapons and 8 vehicles to Custom Servers

It took me from 3pm til 10.30pm to fill out the Origins map, non-stop. Click, click, click. Zzzzzzzzzz. Finished it though :D And this is using a new technique, whereas before it would take a god dam week. Huzzaahh.

Unfortunately, with the new island added in v1.7.7, I have yet to find an updated map render with the new land. I will defo keep an eye out for one though, and I’ll update the map ASAP.

Also using the same method for the Origins guides as the Epoch ones. Organised, but online only. Again I’m sorry for this, but it just makes sense if the guides on their official wikis are updated constantly.

Also added lots of new vehicles and weapons, most of them from Origins actually. If you come across any vehicles or weapons on custom servers, let me know and I’ll do my best to find stats on it and add it in!


DZC v2.28 Update

  • Official DayZ Central Epoch server link added to Links section (please come join us!)
  • Categorised Epoch guides and added more links
  • Some bug fixes

Rather small update this time round.

Me and my good crew has recently set up a DayZ Epoch server. Took a little while to figure everything out, but the server is now solid and, ready for play time. Little changes made compared to a vanilla Epoch server is the inclusion of Protected Trader Zones, self blood bagging, and more.

IP:      Port:   2302

I’ve added a link for the server details in the app for whenever you need them. Please come join us! The admins are a friendly bunch, and if you have any suggestions or concerns, email me!

I’ve also categorised the Epoch guides section and added more links which follows what is linked on the Epoch Wiki.

And also wee bug fixes that no-one need care about. :)

DZC v2.27 Update

  • Comparison tables for all sections integrated into database lists when viewing in landscape (trust me, this is cool)
  • Categories for items added to side-by-side comparison tool for faster selection (Pro)
  • Removed light theme for now (this needs significant rewrite as it is currently slowing down dev)

Another big update, and its only been a week. o_0

Comparison Tables

Zee following feature is another one I’ve been sitting on for the standalone app. Again, why wait? These are fully integrated comparison tables for the database lists when viewing in landscape mode. Check it out.

Blog v2.17 Comparison TablesThis completely replaces the now redundant comparison tables, which only covered weapons. These new ones cover Ammunition, Consumables, Equipment, Vehicles and Weapons. They also pull directly from the database, whereas with the old table it was completely separate. If I updated some stats in the database, I had to do the same for the tables. This was horrible..

I imagine there’s still a few tweaks with alignment and what not, especially with the different screen sizes out there, so we shall see how it goes. I’ll also look at expanding the tables to include more columns for tablet devices later on.

Updates to side-by-side compare

As promised from the last blog post, I’ve included a category drop down menu to easily choose an item under their respective type. However I think I’m really bad at describing this, so moar pikatur!

Blog v2.17 Side-by-sideSo instead of one big list of Weapons, they are all categorized into types! Ya, makes sense now, I think.

Dafuq light theme gone?

I have no idea how many users use the light theme, so I do apologies in advance that I have removed it in this update.

As you may have noticed, over the past few months the new features I’ve been adding has lacked support for a light theme, and for good reason. It has been extremely difficult and messy to include the light theme, mainly and only because of the shit code I’ve been using. This code dates back from the very first versions of DZC, when I actually first started programming and having no ducking clue what the fuck I was doing.

Fear not, I will be looking at adding light theme back, with better code, without the need to loose more of my hair when working with it.

Well, I hope ya enjoy!

DZC v2.26 Update

  • Side-by-side comparison tool added for Ammunition, Vehicles and Weapons (Pro)
  • Merged Namalsk items into Custom Server
  • Some tweaks and bug fixes
  • Database updated (Menu > Changelogs)

I was guna wait to add this side-by-side comparison tool for the standalone app, but holy shit with the way Rocket is teasing us, I don’t know which way is up anymore. So instead of letting the code sit there for an unknown amount of time, I’ve added it to this new version.

Blog v2.16 Compare Vehicles

So basically this tool allows you to pick any Ammunition, Vehicle and Weapon items from the database, and it will show the most important information of each item side-by-side, to help determine which one is better. Take the AK-47 and the AKM weapons for example. Comparing the two,  you can see the AKM has more damage and better effective range than the former weapon. Very handy.

I still need to tweak the tool a little more to make it easier and faster to choose items, such as sorting items into their respective categories, instead of having them all listed in the one drop down menu. Will try get this sorted for next update.

Also added a purty showcase for Pro when you hit the Go Pro button. Not trying to entice people into buying it (hurhur), more just to show what you can get in Pro. Of course, any of you reading this now already know where to get it for free, don’t you? ;)

DZC v2.25 Update

  • Added How to Craft guide
  • Added Epoch guides (online only)
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks
  • Database updated (Menu > Changelogs)

Added a How to Craft guide for those unsure of how to craft in DayZ. I wrote it myself so I hope its at least a little understandable.

I’ve also had many requests to add Epoch guides. I took the decision to add links directly to the Epoch wiki instead of using the usual offline native guides. The reason for this is they are updated so often, so it would be extremely difficult to keep them updated on the app end. Also, there just isn’t enough space for the app to add all the images of which some of the guides uses. I think this a fair compromise and I’m sorry that it couldn’t be better!

DZC v2.24 Update

  • Improved wildcard searching in database
  • Improved in-app web browser; can now use back button to go back on pages and current page is saved on orientation
  • Added tabbed navigation to appropriate sections in the app
  • Added better Google Analytics (can opt-out within Settings)
  • DayZ Wikia added as a source and web link
  • Database updated (Menu > Changelogs)

Okay, so I’m guna give some small briefs on each update as I release them. I want to try and explain the little stuff I do, and why I do them.

So, I’ve made small changes to the UI in certain sections. I’ve added swipeable navigation tabs for sections such as Sniper Corrections and Weapons Comparison. Tab positions are saved persistently, so less clicks are needed, such as switching between the map and the DMR correction tables.

I’ve also improved the search function within the database. You can now search for ‘Crossbow’, and it will come up with the ‘Compound Crossbow’, whereas before nothing would pop up as it would only search the first letters of a name. Still new to SQLite databases since implementing it back in v2.0, but as you can see it is getting much more polished and easier to use.

I’ve also added Google Analytics (again). Before, Google’s implementation of this wasn’t very useful. Now recently they have updated it with real-time analytics, so now I can see how many users are using which particular section in the app, in real-time. Very useful to gage on what sections are used the most to then focus on improving them in the future. Trust me, this is very handy on my side. However if you don’t like this idea, you can opt-out within the Settings. All good.

Hope this helps!