SF Mods – Changelog

[v1.20] – 2018-11-18

  • Added Herbs Overlay – Auto detects the effects of herbs and shows coloured indicators
  • Quick Join – Added Auto Connect – Auto connect to a server – useful if a server is full (YO)
  • GFX – Re-added Grass toggle for YO
  • Clicker – No longer clicks Craft in Mixing Herbs window if out of herbs

[v1.19.1] – 2018-10-31

  • Bugfix – Disabled Grass toggle for YO (for now) as its causing crashes for some

[v1.19] – 2018-10-27

  • Added Guild Manager – Change Guild Roles, Standings & Claim Rules, without typing commands (Ctrl + I)
  • Added Timer – Set a time that counts down to a ding (Ctrl + T)
  • Re-added Grass toggle!
  • Organiser – Weight now includes eqipped carrying weight
  • Organiser – Moved Weight above the players inventory
  • Organiser – Changed Item Spacing textbox to a slider – Change spacing on the fly
  • Organiser – Fixed buttons in Kilns, Furnaces, etc. being hidden if Craft Button is disabled (lol)
  • Organiser – Changed Auto Organise to Manual Sort
  • Crosshair – Added X-Axis slider
  • Crosshair – Added Crosshair Type dropdown – Choose between Cross and Point
  • Clicker – If Hotbar Click is enabled, List Click is then disabled, and vice versa
  • General – No longer able to enable more than one auto script (to avoid running scripts overlapping)
  • General – Tided up the SF Mods window
  • Tools – Added Help Tooltips toggle
  • GFX – Added Cam Zoom toggle (Alt + Z)

[v1.18] – 2018-10-08

  • Tools – Added 2nd Crosshair – A secondary crosshair for 3rd person Archery (Alt + C)
  • Gather – Added 45 degrees toggle – Switch between turning 45 or 90 degrees
  • Organiser – Re-added Auto Organiser toggle with ‘Ctrl + S’ hotkey
  • Info Bar – Added an Opacity slider
  • GFX – Brightness slider now changes the brightness as you slide it – no need to save either
  • General – Changed Fix Stuck Sounds hotkey to ‘Alt + H’ to avoid interfering with WASD keys
  • General – Changed Disable Drunk FX hotkey to ‘Alt + J’ to avoid interfering with WASD keys
  • Clicker – Now clicks the Build button in the Building window when shown

[v1.17] – 2018-09-29

  • Gather – Fixed material detection if game language set to language other than English
  • Gather – Changed default Search/Gather Intervals depending if on YO or MMO
  • Gather – Added Guide Link
  • Organiser – All The Things – Toggle to organise items in all windows, not just containers
  • Organiser – Added toggle to show or hide the Craft button in the Players Inventory
  • Organiser – Merged Settings with main window
  • Clicker – Clicks Yes in message box if shown when auto-clicking Hotbar for Prey for Homecoming (YO)
  • Info Bar – Added options to move the Info Bar to the bottom
  • Info Bar – Moved month before day
  • Splitter – Increased Stack Size limit

[v1.16] – 2018-09-23

  • Tools – Re-added Shield Block (NumPad7)
  • GFX – Re-added original Zoom function based on Player FoV (Q)
  • Info Bar – Proximity now shows Players and Animals separately (Players/Animals)
  • Info Bar – Added Large Bar option
  • Info Bar – Added abbreviated months
  • Info Bar – Removed year from date
  • General – Stop All Script hotkey now disables Auto Parry if enabled
  • General – Moved Web and Observe mode to Tools tab and removed Misc tab
  • General – Created Info Bar tab

[v1.15] – 2018-09-13

  • Gather – Replaced Material dropdown with toggles for each Material
  • General – Replaced Shield Block with Auto Parry – Repeats parrying (NumPad9)
  • General – Added System Logs toggle for Gather, Healing & Archer
  • General – Added Observe Mode – Forces Observe Mode on every 2 seconds
  • Clicker – Re-added Click List Item
  • GFX – Removed Zoom In – No longer useful in its current state
  • GFX – Removed Grass Toggle – No longer works
  • Clicker – Merged Settings with main window
  • Organiser – Moved Sort Mode and Item Details to main window

[v1.14.1] – 2018-09-08

  • Fixed bug that on clicking Save, the players FoV defaults – my bad
  • Re-added List Selector – Still useful, huh

[v1.14] – 2018-09-07

  • Tweaks made for the new update of LiF: Your Own (v1.4.0.1)‌
  • Organiser – Added Organise Once toggle – Sorts an inventory once after opening
  • Info Bar – Added In-Game Date & Time (YO)
  • Info Bar – Removed the seconds from Time
  • GFX – Reworked Zoom
  • GFX – Removed Player FoV – no longer needed – can now be changed in game Video settings
  • Poison – Removed Poison Indicator – No longer needed
  • General – Fixed Mute Sound Hotkey not working (MMO)
  • List Selector – Removed – No longer useful

[v1.13] – 2018-08-26

  • Hotkeys – Added ability to change key bindings in-game – ‘keybinds-config.cs’ file no longer required
  • Clicker – Clicking Logs now show if Hotbar Click or Click List Item is enabled
  • Clicker – Fixed Click List Item enabled by default
  • Splitter – Added ‘Right Shift’ hotkey to toggle Splitter on/off
  • Gather – Fixed rotation going offset after a while of Gathering
  • List Selector – Now left clicks on toggle before list shows
  • General – Added ‘Alt + M’ hotkey to toggle Sound

[v1.12] – 2018-08-15

  • Gather – Doubled gather speed – Now searches in 45 degrees instead of 90
  • Info Bar – Added Proximity – Shows the count of players and animals in close proximity of you
  • General – Disables Splash & Video intros – By moving them to a ‘intro.backup’ folder on start
  • General – Added Quick Join to Main Menu – Directly connect to a server using its IP address (YO only)
  • General – Added SF Mods version info to Main Menu (YO only)
  • Posion – Added Antidote Type – Choose between using ‘Double Blood Prep’ or ‘Warcry (Arghhhh!)’ to cure poison
  • Organiser – Added Refresh – Change the refresh rate of the Organiser
  • Organiser – Item Details now show in Barter window

[v1.11] – 2018-08-05

IMPORTANT: Delete the ‘sf-mods’ folder first before updating (make sure to backup config files!)

  • Configs – Moved all config files to ‘configs’ folder (allows for easier updating)
  • Configs – Moved ‘bind.cs’ to ‘configs’ folder and renamed to ‘keybinds-config.cs’
  • General – Tab positions are now saved
  • General – Re-added Hotkeys Window
  • General – All window titles changed to white (MMO)
  • General – Added Hotkey to disable all running scripts (NumPad0)
  • General – Web/Changes/Update windows now larger and centered
  • Oragniser – Re-shuffled the Settings window, making it smaller
  • Organiser – Settings window position is now saved on toggle/save
  • Organiser – Added hotkey to toggle Organiser Settings (ALT + O)
  • Organiser – Added Item Region toggle – Toggle regional item colour
  • Organiser – Fixed Organiser Item Details breaking if an items objId is more than 1,000,000
  • Organiser – Fixed items being cut out if inventories overflowing
  • Organiser – Fixed organising in Buildings, Kilns, etc. windows when it shouldn’t be
  • Organiser – Fixed Stacks not working after 2nd Stack (organiser-stacks-config.cs)
  • Clicker – Added Settings window (ALT + C)
  • Clicker – Added List Item textbox – Allows you set which item to select on click
  • Clicker – Added Clicking Logs toggle – Disable clicking logs in the System Chat if clicking
  • Clicker – Fixed Yes button if Pray for Homecoming not being clicked in languages other than English (MMO)
  • GFX – Added Cam Zoom hotkeys to ‘keybinds-config.cs’
  • GFX – If Cam Zoom is disabled, scroll binds are set back to default (after a restart)
  • Archer – Added Block Action toggle – Switches the Fire action to Block action

[v1.10] – 2018-07-22

  • Organiser – Added ‘organiser-profiles-config.cs’ – Change the font and colour of item texts in inventories
  • Gather – Added ability to gather Branches (MMO)
  • Clicker – Now Clicks the Yes button if Praying for Homecoming (MMO)
  • Clicker – Fixed not clicking Craft button after running out of soft stamina (MMO)

[v1.9] – 2018-07-12

  • Organiser – Added Sort Mode – Change how items are sorted based on its details
  • Organiser – Added Item Detail Modes – Change between Durability (SF Mods) and Quality (Ellian Mods) colour codes
  • Organiser – Added Multiple Stacking – Allows you to set multiple stacks with seperate spacing – Configured in ‘organiser-stacks-config.cs’
  • Organiser – Added Instant Stats – Changes the hover time of the items stats tooltip to open instantly
  • Organiser – Added Item Quality toggle
  • Organiser – Moved Item Quality text above the Item Quantity text
  • Organiser – Changed item text size to 12 to 14 and made bold
  • Orangiser – Changed weight text to bold
  • Organiser – Fixed Inventory button not sitting center when resize enabled (MMO)
  • General – Added Update Check – Alerts you if a new SF Mods update is available
  • General – Changed limit for all interval text boxes from 100ms to 10ms
  • Info Bar – Added dropdown to change position – Left, Center, or Right
  • GFX – Cam Zoom – Now works in build mode
  • Clicker – Fixed Craft button not being clicked (MMO)

[v1.8] – 2018-07-01

  • Organiser – Added Resize – Reduces the height of the players inventory when organising
  • Organiser – Added Herb Tool – Sorts herbs in their own rows – Configured in ‘organiser-herbtool-config.cs’
  • Organiser – Added ‘organiser-stack-config.cs’ – Stack items of the same type even closer together
  • Organiser – Added Organiser Settings – Set Item Spacing and ability to reload ‘config.cs’ files in-game
  • Organiser – Fixed some containers not being organised in MMO
  • Orangiser – Fixed Sacks not showing name if Item Details enabled
  • Not Organiser – Added In-Game Date & Time to Info Bar (MMO only)

[v1.7] – 2018-06-23

  • Added Inventory Organiser – Organise items in inventories (Based on Ellian Mods)
  • Added Drunk FX Disable hotkey (Alt + D)
  • Merged Items Quality, Durability & Special toggles into Item Stats toggle
  • Moved List Selector, Auto-click Produce & Shield Block to Tools
  • Moved Info Bar & Web to Misc
  • Fixed Brightness value not updating when clicking on the slider
  • Brightness slider can now be decreased to 0.5
  • Increased the hover time for tooltip
  • Removed Position in Info Bar – No longer works in MMO and pretty useless anyway

[v1.6] – 2018-06-05

  • Added Cam Zoom – Zooms the players camera in & out using mouse scroll
  • Added Hotbar Click – Automatically clicks on a hotbar based on its number
  • Added List Selector – Automatically chooses an item on a list and auto selects it using ‘Ctrl + X’
  • Changed SFXINIT hotkey to ‘Alt + S’
  • Fixed SFXINIT hotkey (fixes stuck sounds) never ever actually working, hmm
  • Fixed constant warning logs in console before game start
  • Cleaned up ‘bind.cs’ file

[v1.5] – 2018-05-27

  • Added Item Durability – Displays the durability of items within inventories using color codes
  • Added Item Type – Displays the types of items within inventories using color codes
  • Added Web – Set a URL address (like a live map) and press ‘F5’ to open it in-game
  • Added Info Bar – Displays the current FPS, Ping, Player Heading and Player Position
  • Added Brightness Slider – Sets the amount of in-game brightness
  • Added disabling of event message window
  • Fixed Pouches, Bags & Backpacks not showing name when Item Quality enabled
  • Fixed Shield Block being inconsistant
  • Removed Clock (wasn’t accurate and no way to make it so)

[v1.4] – 2018-04-24

  • Added Item Quality – Shows quality values of Items in Inventories
  • Added Auto Antidote – Auto take antidote in Hotbar 0 if poisoned
  • Added GFX tab (replaces FOV tab)
  • Added ability to toggle Grass in GFX
  • Added ability to toggle Fog in GFX
  • Added Toggles to switch on/off Clicker, Gather, Heal, Archer and Shield Block (disabled by default)
  • Added Tooltips that explain what each function does, and how to use them
  • Moved Auto-Click Produce to new Prod tab and added dropdown to choose between Produce or Mass Produce
  • Clicker now auto clicks Craft button in Item Craft windows (e.g. Shape Rock)
  • Removed hotkeys window

[v1.3] – 2018-03-22

  • Added Clock – Shows Time of Day
  • Added Split – Auto Split a stack of items based on defined value
  • Added Auto-Click Produce Button
  • Added ability to Gather Edibles & Wild Plants
  • Added ability to limit Clicker clicks
  • Added ability to change Player POV
  • Added Updates button that displays an online Changelog of the mod
  • Added option to disable Poison Indicator
  • Added persistent window positions on Save/Close
  • Added active disabling of observation window

[v1.2] – 2018-02-17

  • Added Auto Archer Fire
  • Added ability to gather Plant Fiber, Flint Stone, and Sling Ammo in MMO
  • Renamed Herb tab to Gather (due to above)
  • Fixed Herbs not being detected in MMO
  • Fixed Gather not turning 90 degrees accurately (needed more Pi decimal places, yum)

[v1.1] – 2017-12-19

  • Re-designed window with tabs to be more compact
  • Added Hotkeys window
  • Added /sfxinit command hotkey (fixed stuck sounds)
  • Added Auto War Dance (Num7)
  • Added Toggle Shield Bash (Num9)
  • Clicker interval textbox now focuses on window open
  • All textboxes now unfocus on Save
  • Changed /stuck command hotkey to ‘Ctrl + U’
  • Fixed clicker doing action if Mix window open
  • Set 100ms minimum to all intervals

[v1.0.2] – 2017-12-12

  • Fixed Craft herb button not clicking in MMO

[v1.0.1] – 2017-12-11

  • Clicker now clicks Craft herb button
  • Moved keybindings to bind.cs file
  • Changed SF Mods Window toggle to ‘Ctrl + C’

[v1.0] – 2017-12-05

  • Initial release