SF Mods – Changelog

[v1.6] – 2018-06-05

  • Added Cam Zoom – Zooms the players camera in & out using mouse scroll
  • Added Hotbar Click – Automatically clicks on a hotbar based on its number
  • Added List Selector – Automatically chooses an item on a list and auto selects it using ‘Ctrl + X’
  • Changed SFXINIT hotkey to ‘Alt + S’
  • Fixed SFXINIT hotkey (fixes stuck sounds) never ever actually working, hmm
  • Fixed constant warning logs in console before game start
  • Cleaned up ‘bind.cs’ file

[v1.5] – 2018-05-27

  • Added Item Durability – Displays the durability of items within inventories using color codes
  • Added Item Type – Displays the types of items within inventories using color codes
  • Added Web – Set a URL address (like a live map) and press ‘F5’ to open it in-game
  • Added Info Bar – Displays the current FPS, Ping, Player Heading and Player Position
  • Added Brightness Slider – Sets the amount of in-game brightness
  • Added disabling of event message window
  • Fixed Pouches, Bags & Backpacks not showing name when Item Quality enabled
  • Fixed Shield Block being inconsistant
  • Removed Clock (wasn’t accurate and no way to make it so)

[v1.4] – 2018-04-24

  • Added Item Quality – Shows quality values of Items in Inventories
  • Added Auto Antidote – Auto take antidote in Hotbar 0 if poisoned
  • Added GFX tab (replaces FOV tab)
  • Added ability to toggle Grass in GFX
  • Added ability to toggle Fog in GFX
  • Added Toggles to switch on/off Clicker, Gather, Heal, Archer and Shield Block (disabled by default)
  • Added Tooltips that explain what each function does, and how to use them
  • Moved Auto-Click Produce to new Prod tab and added dropdown to choose between Produce or Mass Produce
  • Clicker now auto clicks Craft button in Item Craft windows (e.g. Shape Rock)
  • Removed hotkeys window

[v1.3] – 2018-03-22

  • Added Clock – Shows Time of Day
  • Added Split – Auto Split a stack of items based on defined value
  • Added Auto-Click Produce Button
  • Added ability to Gather Edibles & Wild Plants
  • Added ability to limit Clicker clicks
  • Added ability to change Player POV
  • Added Updates button that displays an online Changelog of the mod
  • Added option to disable Poison Indicator
  • Added persistent window positions on Save/Close
  • Added active disabling of observation window

[v1.2] – 2018-02-17

  • Added Auto Archer Fire
  • Added ability to gather Plant Fiber, Flint Stone, and Sling Ammo in MMO
  • Renamed Herb tab to Gather (due to above)
  • Fixed Herbs not being detected in MMO
  • Fixed Gather not turning 90 degrees accurately (needed more Pi decimal places, yum)

[v1.1] – 2017-12-19

  • Re-designed window with tabs to be more compact
  • Added Hotkeys window
  • Added /sfxinit command hotkey (fixed stuck sounds)
  • Added Auto War Dance (Num7)
  • Added Toggle Shield Bash (Num9)
  • Clicker interval textbox now focuses on window open
  • All textboxes now unfocus on Save
  • Changed /stuck command hotkey to ‘Ctrl + U’
  • Fixed clicker doing action if Mix window open
  • Set 100ms minimum to all intervals

[v1.0.2] – 2017-12-12

  • Fixed Craft herb button not clicking in MMO

[v1.0.1] – 2017-12-11

  • Clicker now clicks Craft herb button
  • Moved keybindings to bind.cs file
  • Changed SF Mods Window toggle to ‘Ctrl + C’

[v1.0] – 2017-12-05

  • Initial release