SF GM Tools – Life is Feudal

A toolset for Life is Feudal that provides all of the most common GM commands, in the touch of a button.

SF GM Tools [v1.0] – 2018-04-24



  • Toggle GM (Game Master)
    • Set and save the password for GM mode and toggle the mode on/off
  • Starter Pack
    • Spawn a set of items for starter players
    • Spawned items can be edited in ‘\scripts\starterpack.cs’
  • Morning
    • Sets the day to morning (client only)
  • Invulnerable
    • Makes your player invulnerable to damage
  • Get all Skills
    • Sets all of you players skills and stats to 100+
  • Heal Self
    • Sets your players HP to full
  • Remove Effects
    • Removes all effects from your player (poison, etc.)
  • Toggle Judgement Hour
    • Switch JM off/on
  • Spawn Items
    • Spawn items based on its ID, Amount, Quality and Durability
    • A link that launches the Life is Feudal Items List site
  • Spawn to Player
    • Type the first name of player and spawn to them
  • Set Server Weather
    • Sets the server-side weather
  • Spawn Animals
    • Does exactly what it say on the tin


  1. Navigate to the ‘Life is Feudal Your Own’ game folder
  2. Create a ‘mod’ folder
  3. Place the ‘sf-gm-tools’ folder within the ‘mod’ folder
  4. Open the ‘scripts/client/init.cs’ file and place the following line after ‘schedule(256, Canvas, dumpSysInfo, “initClient”)’ (around line 199):


  • Press ‘Ctrl + G’ in-game to open


I’ve been developing this in my spare time. If you find it useful, it would be awesome if you chuck a cheeky wee pint my way. Cheers!