Please translate into my language!

Short Version

We do PLAN (but make no promises) to support translations in the future, however we need to wait until the game is near completion.

Long Version

I have countless request to translate into other languages, Russian and German being the most requested. Unfortunately I have made the decision not to support languages until DayZ is near completion. The reason being is it would be extremely difficult to maintain and keep up-to-date due to the amount of changes and additions made to text around the app. A prime example would be the database and how often changes are made to it.

Each section of the database is split into individual spreadsheets which is then converted into tables within an SQLite database. Each of these spreadsheets would need to be duplicated for each supported language.

Now think of an individual string that was updated in the database. This would need to be updated for the other language in its respective spreadsheets. This can happen 50+ times a day when a mass amount of data is being in-putted. Now multiply this process for each other language that I would then need to support, as I’ve added support for one already (German, Spanish, and French is the most requested below Russian). I would need to rely on many translators of each of these languages just to translate one string. This would delay development, and would put a great deal of workload on myself, especially as I develop the app in my spare time.

And I haven’t even mentioned the guides, or the rest of the app strings yet!

However, not all is lost. We do PLAN (but make no promises) to support translations in the future! It just makes the most sense when the game is near completion, and updates to the database are less frequent.